Sunday, 4 December 2011

Shadow Governing Body

 Six months prior to the planned disbandment of an IEB the LA will establish a shadow governing  body accordance with The School Governance (Transition from an Interim Executive Board) (England) Regulations 2010.  The date for the disbandment of the IEB will be given in a further Notice by the LA served under Schedule 1A of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

The shadow governing body will work alongside the IEB for at least six months, but may take
 over some of the IEB functions prior to that date.  Once the IEB is disbanded the shadow
 governing  body will be expected to act alone as the governing body of the school for up to
 thirteen months. 

During the transition from IEB to shadow governing body, members of the shadow governing
body will be able to attend IEB meetings as observers.

The size and constitution of the shadow governing body will be set out in an arrangement made by the LA.  The arrangement will also state the planned date on which the shadow governing body will vacate office and be replaced by a normally constituted governing body.  This is known as the constitution date and must be no later than thirteen months after the IEB ceases to exist.

The School Governance (Transition from an Interim Executive Board) (England) Regulations 2010

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