Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Recruitment of Head Teachers continues to be a problem

Schools could be left without leaders, warns the National Association of Head Teachers union, as a new report confirms a looming recruitment crisis in senior education posts.

The 17th Annual Report of The State of the Labour Market for Senior Staff in Schools in England and Wales says more needs to be done to “clarify issues” surrounding leadership recruitment, “…if the appointment of head teachers is not to become a really urgent issue in the near future.”

The report, produced for the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) by Education Data Surveys, part of TSL Education, highlights a decline in deputy and assistant head teacher vacancies as fewer numbers opt to leave their posts to pursue headships.

In addition, the report notes that the absence of a tail-off in retirement levels for existing heads plus the new wave of academies and free schools fuelling demand for even more new head teachers while offering higher salaries to lure experienced head teachers away from traditional schools, could result in escalating recruitment problems.

The full report can be downloaded from here


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