Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chair of Governors Survey 2 days remaining

Chairs of school governing bodies are increasingly recognised as significant in helping to ensure the proper functioning of schools. The aim of this survey is to gather information from as many chairs as possible to develop a picture of chairs of governing bodies in England.

The survey consists of a number of questions, some of which offer fixed responses whilst other questions ask for your written comments. We ask for your thoughts about the challenges of chairing school governing bodies, the nature of the responsibilities involved, the activities and contributions of chairs, the nature of the head teacher-chair relationship, and chairs’ training and development needs. We will also be asking head teachers to complete a parallel survey.

We would stress that your responses will be treated in the utmost confidence, and all responses will be anonymous in our reporting of survey results. Results of the survey will help expand understanding about the important role that you are undertaking.

Many thanks for your help in completing this questionnaire – your contribution is very much appreciated.

The deadline for completion to 22nd July 2011 because we realise this is a particularly busy time for chairs. If you could complete the survey at your earliest convenience it would be very helpful indeed.

You should be able to complete the questionnaire in about 20 minutes.

Click here to take part in the Survey

Professor Chris James, University of Bath
Professor Stephen Brammer, University of Warwick
Dr David Eddy Spicer, University of Bath

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