Friday, 29 July 2011

The Role of the Numeracy governor

The Numeracy governor should take a special interest in the National Numeracy Strategy and make sure numeracy issues are high on the school’s agenda.

The Numeracy governor provides a link between the governing body and staff at the school.

The Numeracy governor may try to:
  • Attend governor training courses about Numeracy
  • Support and assist the governing body in their understanding and knowledge of the Numeracy Strategy and how it works in their school
  • Meet with the member of staff responsible for Numeracy to discuss how the Numeracy strategy is progressing
  • Find out what is allocated for Numeracy from the schools budget and look at how to get funding for Numeracy
  • Help monitor and evaluate the Numeracy Strategy in their school
  • Make visits to the school to observe Numeracy lessons
  • Support the member of staff responsible for Numeracy to help them achieve literacy targets
  • Ensure the governing body are aware of the impact of the Numeracy Strategy in their school
  • Have some involvement in the school’s attempt to inform parents and involve them in helping their children learn numeracy skills
The Numeracy governor is not there to teach or inspect but to provide support and to be a critical friend. They should be aware of the pressures that the school may be under by trying to deliver the Numeracy strategy.

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