Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Role of the Literacy Governor

Your role as Literacy Governor means that you should take a special interest in literacy issues and help ensure that they remain high on the school’s agenda.

You need to provide a link between governors and staff on literacy issues, reporting to the governing body and/or its committees as agreed.

As literacy governor, you might:

•Try to attend some of the in service training courses devoted to literacy. The person delivering the training may like to know that you are coming in advance.

•Meet termly with the literacy co-ordinator to discuss how the strategy is going in the school.

•Use termly visits to view the daily literacy lesson in the classroom. Make the focus for your visit clear to the teacher in advance.

•Ask about resources allocated to literacy from the school budget.

•Talk to the headteacher about school literacy issues.

• If your governing body produces a newsletter, or similar, to parents perhaps you could include an article on the school’s progress with literacy and how the strategy is being delivered.

• Find out about any local activities linked to literacy and ask how governors can help.

•Be involved in the school’s attempt to inform parents and involve them in their children’s learning of the subject.

Important hints for literacy governors

You should always remember that you are not acting as a teacher, nor an inspector, but as a source of support to the school. If you are going to visit a literacy lesson, don’t forget the possible apprehension some teachers feel if someone watches their lesson. Let the teacher know what the purpose of your lesson visit is.

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