Monday, 18 July 2011

Quick Governing Self Review: Managing Governing Body Business

Managing Governing Body Business

1. Individual Governors attend regularly.

2. There are no long-term vacancies (more than 1 term)

3. Our Governors represent a wide range of experience and expertise, including links with
industry and the community

4. Our new Governors are effectively inducted into their role.

5. Governors attend training courses regularly, sufficient to enable them to carry out
their role

6. All our Governors are fully involved in the work of the Governing Body and with the

7. Meetings do not overrun

8. Adequate time is given to each item

9. There is a culture of mutual respect within the Governing Body

10. We are loyal to collective decisions and respect confidentiality

11. There is a clear programme of meetings throughout the year, published in advance.

12. All Governors are encouraged to participate and all views are taken into account.

13. As a Governing Body, we regularly celebrate achievement and offer praise and thanks to
those concerned in the school.

14. Governors are encouraged to participate and take part in training.

15. There is an effective partnership between Head, Chair and Clerk.

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