Saturday, 23 July 2011

E-safety Audit & Toolkit

An ESafety Audit published by Surrey County Council

The E-safety Coordinator is:

The Child Protection Liaison Officer is:

The responsible member of the Senior Leadership Team is:

The responsible member of the Governing Body is:

Has the school got an E-safety Policy that allies with LA guidance? Y/N

When was the policy updated/reviewed?

The school E-safety policy was agreed by governors on:

The policy is available for staff at:

The policy is available for parents/carers at:

Has E-safety training been provided for both pupils and staff? Y/N

Is there a clear procedure for a response to an incident of concern? Y/N

Do all staff sign a Code of Conduct for ICT on appointment? Y/N

Are staff with responsibility for managing filtering, network access and monitoring adequately supervised by a member of SLT? Y/N

Are all pupils aware of the School’s E-safety Rules? Y/N

Are E-safety rules displayed in all rooms where computers are used and expressed in a form that is accessible to all pupils? Y/N

Do parents/carers sign and return an agreement that their child will comply with the School E-safety Rules? Y/N

Are staff, pupils, parents/carers and visitors aware that network and Internet use is closely monitored and individual usage can be traced? Y/N

Is Internet access provided by an approved educational Internet service provider which complies with DCSF requirements (e.g. EasyNet, Regional Broadband Consortium, NEN Network)? Y/N

Have E-safety materials from CEOP and Becta been obtained? Y/N

Is personal data collected, stored and used according to the principles of the Data Protection Act? Y/N

Have appropriate teaching and/or technical members of staff attended training on the school’s filtering system? Y/N

A full 47 page ESafety Toolkit from Surrey County Council can be found here:$FILE/E-safety%20Toolkit%20for%20Schools.pdf

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