Sunday, 10 July 2011

School Governance Self Review Tool: Staffing and Performance Management

Staffing and Performance Management (PM)

1 Performance Management

a) Do you have a PM Policy in place for teachers (statutory) and support staff (recommended)? Is it linked to Pay Policy?

b) Do all governors understand the school PM process (this is good practice)? How is it shared?

c) Is you PM Policy implemented and effective throughout the school? How do you monitor this?

d) Is the PM policy linked to CPD? How? What feedback do you receive on the effectiveness of CPD?

e) Head Teacher-

• Have you agreed annual performance objectives (SIP involvement)?

• Do you check the targets are commensurate with the SDP/SIP?

• How do you monitor these throughout the year?

2 Work/life Balance and Staff Morale

a) What effective mechanisms have you put in place to monitor Head Teacher/staff morale and work/life balance? How are these communicated to staff and how do you know they are effective?

b) How do you effectively discharge GB responsibilities for the work/life balance of the Head teacher?

c) What arrangements have you put in place to ensure effective Dedicated Head teacher Time?

3 Do you have an effective mechanism in place to review the staff salaries? What/how?

4 Do you have a recruitment and selection policy with appropriate delegations?

5 Do you have appropriate arrangements in place to deal with staff grievances and disciplinary issues?

6 Do you monitor how effectively support staff are deployed in relation to the needs of pupils/groups? (i.e. SEN provision mapping etc) How?

7 How many governors have completed Safer Recruitment training? Do you ensure that there is always a Safer Recruitment governor on all key recruitment panels?

Each question in the Self-Review Tool should be answered using a simple traffic light status indication by writing in the status column one of three letters:

G – green We fully meet the requirements in this area

A – Amber We partially meet requirement – see notes for outline action plan

R – red We do not meet significant elements in this area – see notes for outline action plan

The full Self Review Tool from Ealing

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