Tuesday, 12 July 2011

School Governance Self Review Tool: School Curriculum

School Curriculum

1 Do you have a curriculum statement that is reviewed regularly?

2 Are you confident that the school meets the statutory requirements for availability of the full national curriculum? Particularly in relation to:

a) Religious Education;

b) Collective worship;

c) Sex and Relationships Education?

3 Do you have a system for monitoring the access that pupils have to the National Curriculum, particularly:

a) that all do have equal access, or

b) dis-application procedures are in place and are being followed

How is this info shared with the full GB?

4 How are you kept updated about the implementation and impact of national curriculum strategies?

5 Does the wider curriculum promote a culture of sustainability through:

a) addressing the social and emotional needs of pupils;

b) promoting healthy living;

c) valuing and respecting diversity;

d) being aware of local and global environments;

e) fostering children’s confidence in their ability to make a difference.

6 Do you have named governors for areas of significant importance for your school e.g. Literacy,

Numeracy, Foundation Stage etc?

How do they report back to the full GB?

Each question in the Self-Review Tool should be answered using a simple traffic light status indication by writing in the status column one of three letters:

G – green We fully meet the requirements in this area

A – Amber We partially meet requirement – see notes for outline action plan

R – red We do not meet significant elements in this area – see notes for outline action plan

The full Self Review Tool from Ealing


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