Wednesday, 13 July 2011

School Governance Self Review Tool: Equality of Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity

1 Race/Gender Equality

a) Do you have a written policy/ies?

b) Does your policy cover all aspects of the schools’ work?

c) Does you policy make clear the key roles and responsibilities?

d) Does you policy make clear the action if the policy is not followed?

e) Do you have an action plan on Race Equality?

2 Disability Discrimination Act

a) Does you school comply with the 2005 amendment, e.g. by providing appropriate access to all meetings?

b) Does the GB publish access plans and arrangements for disabled pupils and information about what it does to ensure that disabled pupils are treated fairly?

Each question in the Self-Review Tool should be answered using a simple traffic light status indication by writing in the status column one of three letters:

G – green We fully meet the requirements in this area

A – Amber We partially meet requirement – see notes for outline action plan

R – red We do not meet significant elements in this area – see notes for outline action plan

The full Self Review Tool from Ealing

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