Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Quick Governing Self Review: Managing Governing Body Business


All Governors are:

1 Aware of and support and contribute to the schools’ overall ethos and vision for the

2 Aware of the targets in the School Improvement Plan, what needs to be done to achieve
them, how the school is progressing towards them, and participate in monitoring and
evaluating progress

3 Familiar with the range of policy statements in the school, when these need to be
reviewed, and have measures in place to evaluate effectiveness

All Governors know how:

4 The school’s results compare with those of previous years

5 The school’s results compare with National standards.

6 The school’s results compare with those of similar schools.

7 Results in different subjects compare

All Governors:

8 Focus on the issue of raising standards and regularly review progress.

9 Actively participate in monitoring through focused visits and activities.

10 Have a shared understanding of the strengths of the school

11 Have a shared understanding of the areas of the school which need development and
provide support.

12 Make certain the school’s budget is spent as planned, through participation in
monitoring and review.

13 Know how parents, pupils and staff feel about the school by attending school activities
and actively seeking comments and feedback.

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