Saturday, 9 July 2011

School Governance Self Review Tool: Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Management

1 Shared Purpose and Values:

a) Does your school have a statement of shared intent e.g. vision/values/aims?

b) How do you regularly review these in the light of changing circumstances, aspirations and stakeholder expectations?

c) Do you routinely use your statements to test your processes, policies and plans to ensure that the all fully contribute? How? When do you review them?

2 Do you have, regularly review and use to inform your planning, evidence of your school’s strengths and weaknesses? e.g.

a) Do you have a system for monitoring pupil achievement, e.g. by groups such as ethnicity, gender, core subject? How does this link into your school key issues?

b) How do you compare such information with past years to identify trends? How do you share this information with parents?

3 Development/Improvement Plan:

a) How are governors involved in determining school priorities and in building a plan (feeding into the School Improvement Plan)? How does this link to the SEF?

b) Does the plan address:

• Your vision

• Inspection/review/audit issues;

• stakeholder feedback;

4 Monitoring Progress:

a) What system do you have for monitoring both the implementation and impact of your action plans? How is this information shared with the GB and others?

b) Have you identified key indicators/milestones that enable you to track progress towards your own school goals?

c) Is the monitoring of these plans and indicators/milestones a regular agenda item at governors’ meetings or committees?

d) Does a representative from your GB attend School Improvement Partner meetings to support your Head teacher? How do you receive and discuss the termly report from your School Improvement Partner and any points arising from the meeting?

e) Do you have a policy and protocol for governor visits to the school to monitor progress against key school priorities?

f) How often do governors visit the school for monitoring and are these visits focussed on the key areas for school improvement?

g) How are governor visits reported back to the full GB? Do you have a written guidance on this?

5 How do you report on the progress and impact of your school plans to parents?

Each question in the Self-Review Tool should be answered using a simple traffic light status indication by writing in the status column one of three letters:

G – green We fully meet the requirements in this area

A – Amber We partially meet requirement – see notes for outline action plan

R – red We do not meet significant elements in this area – see notes for outline action plan

The full Self Review Tool from Ealing

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